Extractigator T-Post Puller Accessory **Requires Bigfoot, DOES NOT FIT BIG DADDY


This easy to install component instantly transforms the Extractigator Classic, Junior, or Baby Gator into another useful tool around the property.  The rotational movement becomes a straight upward pull with the T-Post accessory combined with the BigFoot accessory.

** Must be used with BigFoot Accessory

** Does NOT fit Big Daddy model

** T-Post must be Ribbed or Nub type as in picture

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Width – 3 inches
Length – 3.125 inches

Overall Height – 4.375 inches
Weight – 1.8 LBS


Solid Steel, 7018 complete welds, 3/8″ high tensile Grade 8 bolts with Nylock (self locking) nuts


High visibility safety orange tough powder coated surface.

Convenient features:

Lightweight, durable components, ratcheting design