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Extractigator is a Registered Trademark of Exclusive Mechanical Systems Ltd Follow Extractigator on Instagram Follow Extractigator on Facebook Follow Extractigator on Twitter View Extractigator Youtube Channel
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The Extractigator Baby Gator is the smallest version of the original Extractigator. The Baby Gator shares the same profile as the Extractigator Classic, only is made from thinner material with a shorter handle. The Jaws of the Baby Gator open from a complete close to 1” and recommended for plants under .5” in diameter.  If you need to remove smaller diameter saplings and work from a short height, or on a hill... the Extractigator Baby Gator will do the job.

General :

  Width: 4 inches
   Length: 11 1/2 inches (Jaws Closed)
   Overall Height: 24.5 inches
   Weight: 7.6 LBS
   Footprint: 20 sq.in. (without BigFoot Accessory)
   Jaw capacity: 1 inch
   Minimum pull ratio: 6:1 (e.g. apply 10 lbs to end of handle, and 60 lbs of pulling force is applied to plant)
   Maximum pull ratio: 12:1

Construction :

  Solid Steel, 7018 complete welds, 3/8" high tensile Grade 8 bolts with Nylock (self locking) nuts

Finish :

  Handle - High visibility safety orange tough powder coated surface.
   Base Components - Black rust resistant paint

Convenient features :

  Automatic opening clog free jaws, lightweight, comfortable foam grip, durable components, ratcheting design

After using Weedwrenches and Pullerbears for several years, I recently bought an Extractigator. You folks have achieved the best balance of function and weight.  I spend several hours nearly every day removing Ligustrum, Chinaberry, and Nandina from Austin area parks and preserves, and the Extractigator does a better job than its competitors.  Thanks!

Jerry Levenson

Austin, Texas

The Extractigator Baby Gator

  “Small But Mighty”

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$134.99 Canadian (+ S&H)


Proudly Made in Canada!


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The Extractigator Baby Gator can be used to remove Privet and Salt Cedar

With raised lettering!

Extractigator BIG DADDY

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