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Shipped WORLD WIDE with Retailers in the USA,  Europe, Australia, New Zealand , and the UK

Invasive plants?

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Extractigator is a Registered Trademark of Exclusive Mechanical Systems Ltd Follow Extractigator on Instagram Follow Extractigator on Facebook Follow Extractigator on Twitter View Extractigator Youtube Channel
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The Extractigator products have been successfully used to remove Acacia, Alder, Ardesia, Bamboo, Blackberry, Black Walnut, Blueberry, Blueweed, Boxwood, Broom, Brush, Buckthorn, Burdock, Cherry, Chinaberry, Chinese Elm, Choke cherry, Cluster Tarweed, Common Buckthorn, Concrete stakes, Cottonwood, Crepe Myrtle, Daphne Laureola, Elaeagnus, Eucalytus, European Buckthorn, French broom, Garlic Mustard, Giant Hogweed, Glossy Buckthorn, Gorse, Grape Vines, Hart's Thorn, Hawthorn, Hickory, Holly, Honeysuckle, Huisache, Ilex Aquifolium, Japanese Barberry, Japanese Knotweed, Japanese Bamboo, Juniper, Kochia, Koa Haole, Kudzu, Laurel, Ligustrum, Lilac, Locust, Maple, Mesquite, Mexican Bamboo, Mulberry, Multiflora Rose, Nandina, Nettle, Oak, Olive, Persimmon, Pine, Poplar, Privet, Rebar, Rhineberry, Russian olive, Salt Cedar, Scotch broom, Shrubs, Siberian Elm, Silverberry, Silver Maple, Stakes, Spurge Laurel, St. Johns Wart, Sweetgum, Tamarisk, Thistles, Trees, Tree of Heaven, Wattle, Waythorn, Weeds, Wild Grape, Willow, Winged Euonymus, Zinnia, and many many more!!

Use the Extractigator to Uproot trees, plants and brush The Extractigator is the best alternative to the weed wrench

Use the Extractigator tree puller to remove invasive and unwanted plants such as Buckthorn, Scotch Broom, Honeysuckle, Privet and MORE!

The easy way to extract invasive plants by hand - Roots and all!

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The Extractigator BIG DADDY

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The Extractigator Advantage

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The Extractigator works great at removing Scotch Broom The Extractigator works great at removing Buckthorn The Extractigator is a quality hand made product

Built to last MORE than a lifetime…

We all know quality tools cost a bit more, and you get what you pay for.  The Extractigator products are hand built with attention to detail.  Quality workmanship with quality material makes a quality product that will last you (more than) a lifetime!


or watch some trees getting ripped out with the Extractigator Big Daddy…

New for 2022…

Classic Model has an Improved Ergonomic Handle!