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Invasive plants?

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Some of what our customers say… (all comments used by permission)

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for your reply. After some serious extrication aggravation with the competitor's tool I thought about making my own but when I saw your design I realized there was no need. Having looked at your design and videos I was reasonably sure that your tool would do the job. I purchased the last one from Black Creek Farm and Feed. No buyer's remorse here. The Extractigator works better than I could imagine! You should be proud of your design and manufacturing. Manufacturing locally can be a challenge but there are always people like us who appreciate the made in Canada label and are willing to pay a little more for it. (When I say 'more' I mean 'the real costs')


Craig W.

Courtenay, BC

“We participated in a community buckthorn pulling event at our elementary school and your product was by far the best of the bunch of puller products! The foot gave much better stability and leverage because the puller didn't rock. We found it very maneuverable even in the dense buckthorn stands. It was easy enough for the kids to use. The other pullers got jammed up with the mud - not the Extractigator.

I am getting one for the school for the Outdoor Learning Center -- the Buckthorn is overgrowing the native plants and the path has almost disappeared. And I am getting one puller for me to slowly attack my yard!”

M Carroll,Plymouth, MN

John From Wisconsin writes:

Good Morning,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Extractigator. We are blessed with 27 acres in Door County WI and with that we have many different types of trees and shrubs that want to take over in areas that we are trying to keep free of additional growth. The most aggressive is juniper bushes. A real pain, I call it the underground cancer shrub. We also have some poplar and choke cherry bushes. So as you can see, we have our share of new growth, which we don't mind but want to keep under control. Your product works great on the small growth and if the ground is a little damp I just put a piece of 2 X 10 under the two feet and let it rip. Now if I was twenty years younger the larger ones with a one-inch trunk I would be able to take out, but that is for the tractor or the saw. On a scale from 1 to 5 I believe I can give your product a 5. Keep the quality up and keep the manufacturing in North America.



The Extractigator Bigfoot Accessory

Thanks to comments like Johns - we created the BigFoot Accessory!

Colleen from North Oaks Minnesota, uses the Extractigator to remove Buckthorn

“I love it- lighter weight than the tool I borrowed from someone else and the base is big enough that it doesn't sink into the dirt as easily (with the other tool I used I carried along a board to put under it). Plus I love the name and my friends get a kick out of it as well.”

My husband has been using the Extractigator to clear an invasive shrub here in the south (North Carolina) called "elaeagnus". It is a Chinese invasive that some people still plant as a decorative shrub and its berries are favored and spread by birds. The woods and unmowed clearings in our area are FULL of this thorny, horrible plant and we decided there would be none on our 20 acres of woods. Before the Extractigator my husband was cutting them which did no good since they grow right back. He then started digging them with a pick axe. We took a chance on the Extractigator, having never seen one, but I am thrilled to report that it is the prefect tool for extracting elaeagnus. My husband spent 25 hours with the Extractigator over a month long period and removed hundreds and hundreds of plants. It has saved my husband hours and hours and a lot of energy and the Extractigator has paid for itself tenfold! Just use the tool as instructed and get all of the plant out of the ground. Don't ever plant this plant as a decorative shrub!!!!!

Rosa Patton and Ron Rozzelle, NC


I thought that I would probably be writing this letter based upon what I read on your website.

The Extractigator is great! I researched your competitors and chose your tool for removing buckthorn from five acres. I thought that the Extractigator was going to be the better unit for the price. The tool exceeded my expectations. It is well made, the leverage on the plant is great and it is a bonus to me to be buying something that didn't have an overseas "made in..." label.

As soon as mine came in the mail I ran out to try the Extractigator, but before I went to the Buckthorn I thought that I would give it a try on some Lilac shoots that had been bothering me for some time. Wow. I had struggled getting them out over the years and it has always been tough, but the Extractigator did it! I knew that the Buckthorn was going to be easy after that. It is.  The Jaws open wide (no bending over), the handle was comfortable and, as I wrote above, the leverage is great.  This tool is well designed and made with good heavy components. In soft soils something needs to go under the bottom plate, but the size is right. Too big would make the tool heavier and more cumbersome.

Nice going Gatorman and thank you.

Roger Payne

Rochester, MN

Sharon Alger from Greenville Illinois uses the Extractigator to remove maples, black walnut, cherry, and mulberry trees.

“Sure works better than anything else I have tried. Overall very satisfied with your product and this is after lots of use!!!.

“Absolutely wonderful removing sweetgum trees from 12 inches to 12 feet. Takes out mature "burning bush/winged euonymus" with ease. I have many varieties of viburnums that have seeded throughout the garden. What a joy to be able to pull these plants out next to mature native azaleas (R. canescens, calendulaceum, prunifolium, etc.)! Poplar trees (liriodendron) seed everywhere, especially under our mature deciduous hybrid magnolias. These easily come out with the Extractigator. A real pain around here are cherry trees seeding in the middle of large azalea and rhodendron shrubs. Not a pain any longer. Out they come without destroying the roots of our mature azaleas and rhododendrons. (are you getting the picture, this tool has been a life saver). And our number one problem has been black walnut trees (Juglans nigra) prolifically seeding on our grounds with there long deep roots. For the first time in 25 years I don't fear any longer running into yet another walnut tree which in the past took a mattock & nurseryman spade to remove (or dangerous herbicides).

Tip - don't go overboard the first time you use this tool. You will be so enthusiastic over your "weeding" accomplishments that you will spend way too much time the first time using the Extractigator. You will not only have a sore body (12 lbs is not heavy, but after lifting it up and down 240 times . . . . . . . . . . . . ), but you can also become dehydrated forgetting to quench your body's thirst (beer, lemonade or water is excellent for this purpose) having so much fun.”

Boris Bauer, South Carolina

Dave Wolf of Corvallis, Oregon uses the Extractigator to remove Scotch broom and some Hawthorn.

“The Extractigator is a great tool. It does what it claims and is easy to use.”

Dear Shawn:

I wanted to let you know how much I love my Extractigator! It really works just as promised and I have been having great success uprooting scotch broom and alders from some badly overgrown pastures. Everyone who has tried it is amazed at how easily it uproots those pests. In fact, I'm giving an Extractigator to my father-in-law for Christmas.


Will Reissner, WA

Hey Shawn,

I use the TOOL on all types of saplings; pine, persimmon, oak, swamp maple, locust, and others. I also use the Extractigator to pull all sorts of sticker Bushes and thorn bearing plants.... The TOOL works like a dream come true, easier and better than I read in the sales testimonials.

Tim Baker, MD

Dear Shawn

Just to let you know, the Extractigator with the Big Foot work as described!!! We have a LOT of buckthorn in our yard and it has been a challenge, needless to say, to get rid of it. BUT with the Extractigator and BigFoot the job has been much easier and less time consuming. It has truly lived up to all of our expectations. We would recommend this product without hesitation. Thank you for making such a useful product. Please feel free to put this recommendation on your website.

Jim and Jan

Savage, MN

Carolyn L., of Hernando, MS uses the Extractigator to remove

“So far, Privet hedge, a Silver Maple tree about 10' tall, Boxwood shrub, Crepe Myrtle bushes, and an 8' long x 3/4" dia. Copper rod that had been driven into 'very' hard ground, as a grounding rod for a satellite.”

“The Extractigator does just what it was advertised to do, plus some, considering the copper rod. :) So easy to use ..... Even for this lady only 1 yr shy of 60 years young. And last, but certainly not least, it has been a time and 'back' saver. Thank you for such a great yard/landscaping tool!”

“It's a great invention. We've already cleaned a 1/3 acre piece of property we recently purchased in Boulder Creek, Calif. that has had Scotch Broom growing unchecked for the last 5 years, so some of the stalks were over 2" thick & they came right out with little effort. There is no way we could have gotten them out by the root without the Extractigator. Thanks for sharing your great idea with the rest of us.”

Steve & Carol Postier

Hi there, I ordered the Extractigator after talking to you on the phone a few weeks ago. Shipping was FAST, got it in a week!
My wife and I are SOOOOOO happy with your product. These
Scotch Broom bushes that we couldn't budge by hand, even with 2 strong men?
NO PROBLEM for the Extractigator. Clamp the vice, pull the handle, and with little effort the bushes pop out of the ground including the long roots.
I am going to show the Extractigator off to all of my rural neighbors.

Thanks for the wonderful product.

L. Hamel, Gaston, OR

Weather broke with nice temps and bright skies in February and it was time to go out and play in the garden. I needed to remove some viburnums and rather tall sweetgum tree saplings along a creek bank which unfortunately had very soft wet soil on steep banks. I tried using my lighter [competitor] product first and the tool just sunk into the soft soil and was just not usable at all. Next I got my old faithful Extractigator which has a longer back foot which anchored the tool a bit against the steep bank, but even this was not satisfactory. So I climbed out the ravine and retrieved my Extractigator "Big Foot" which I had acquired several months ago, but not used. So simple to set up that even a Cave Man could have figured out how to attach the addition to the Extractigator. Wow, the extra foot print size made working under these soft soil circumstances so simple. Next, I took the Extractigator with the attached "Big Foot" into a really moist swamp area which I had completely given up on trying to clear and to my surprise, this combination tool truly worked well under the worst of gardening situations. Though light and made from thick aluminium plating, the new product seems very substantial for its designed work. The "Big Foot" is a great attachment at a very reasonable cost.

Boris Bauer

Easley, SC

John in Minnesota writes:

“I did try it with some of the small brush I am trying to clean up, and so far it meets all of my expectations. I also have serious wild grape problems with large root systems. I was able to take out a root about 20 ft long and about 1 1/2 inch in diameter! In this case, the Extractigator was used to pull out 1 to 2 feet of the root each time I used it.”

I just found another use for my Extractigator.....................

Had a long sidewalk concrete form secured with wooden stakes driven hard and deep into the clay ground.

It was taking my boy too long to loosen and pull these stakes when it was time to remove them, so I got out my Extractigator.  It pulled them with ease and with one bite each.  I love this tool.

(Signed Anonymous)

Good evening,

My family is reclaiming an old farm in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. We are pushing back the Acadian forest that has encroached upon the fields. Our new Extractigator is a very efficient and helpful tool in removing a range of small stumps and bushes. My only regret is that is that we didn't buy it a couple of years ago.


Richard Bridge

Middleton, N.S.

Hello Shawn. Just looking at your Junior model as I am feeling the broom busting itch coming on while watching North Vancouver infestations grow. My son could have an opportunity to feel the satisfaction of clearing a broom infestation with me. Well, maybe he would.

I got the big boy last year for yard work to remove Maple saplings, Spurge Laurel, Holly and Blackberry from my yard plus do some Scotch Broom removal in the community. Awesome tool. I tell anyone who has any broom issues or just big yard plant maintenance about this tool. I also took it to Port Alberni to do some work at my in-laws property and cleared the neighbours yard in short order as well. They had tried to clear it with their quad but gave up with the futile attempts He was blown away at how well it worked.

Nothing better than a well designed tool for a specific task and I couldn't be happier with your design. I need to find a few more folks willing to purchase to get a broom buster group here on the North Shore!

Tom F

North Vancouver


I ordered this on the 7th, you shipped it on the 8th and I received it today the 12th.  I haven’t had a chance to use it but if it works as well as your shipping and handling folks do I am sure I will be very pleased. You just can’t get better service than what you provided.


Gary M.

Vernon Fl

—--------------------(Next Day)—––––––––––-


Feel free to use my comments. I tried the extractigator today and it worked great. I was able to uproot several young trees that were in the 1 to 1 ½ inch category with no problems. I am glad I added the Bigfoot attachment. Here in Florida my soil is very sandy. The bigfoot distributed the weight very well so I didn’t need to put a board under the unit. A great tool that does the required job as advertised. I wish more products did that.


Hi Shawn,

Had a couple of weekends to use my new Extractigator, and am very pleased with the performance.  Our 150 acre farm has a great deal of Prickly Ash, that has been running unchecked, for years.  I am happy to report, that the ExtractiGator makes short work not only of the tree, but also the root system. We have many more weekends of clearing ahead of us, but are pleased that we are getting to the root of the problem.


Thanks again.


Summer greetings!   (June 2014)

I just had to write in.  We have owned our Extractigator for about four or five years now.  We've loaned it out (praying for it's return) and used it yearly to keep broom in check on our 2.5 acre property.

We just bought another vacant lot and found a monster broom left there by the previous owner.  It seemed a bit big for Extractigator's teeth, but he got it!!  See the attached pictures.  

Thank you again, for a wonderful, quality-made product!


~ CJ

I am not a large woman, 62 years old. I just cleared a 3 x 3 patch of bamboo and pulled up a wisteria, getting 2 ft. of roots. It’s a great product!


Hello everybody,

Few words to tell you I am 100% happy with my new Extractigator (and its big foot).

I am concerned by buckthorn on my yard and started last year to uproot it with a shovel. I spent a lot of time and energy for a good result but…..I did not see the end of this mission.

I used for the first time the Exctractigator yesterday and I achieved a working day in 2 hours.

It's hard to describe how I'm happy, so….THANK YOU.

Fabrice, IL

(Pre 2007 model shown…built to last!)

Older Extractigator model with Scotch Broom

Hi Shawn,

Just wanted to let you know that we received our Extractigator (7/23/14).  Thanks for the quick shipment.  We have been putting it to good use here in upstate New York.  We've already cleared  an acre, uprooting small saplings with ease. You were not kidding about the pulling power of this tool!  We're 100% satisfied with the tool and the wonderful "Bigfoot" attachment.  Thanks for making this the tool available to your New York neighbors.

R. Mays, Upstate New York

This is the most amazing garden tool EVER!  After borrowing my neighbor's extractigator, I immediately ordered one.  It is so easy to use that once I start pulling up buckthorn, I can't stop.  It is effective and totally addictive. I also recommend getting the bigfoot attachment for added leverage.

Loree (Lake Elmo, MN)

Hey Shawn,


I just got my new Extractigator. Thank you. I immediately went out and tried it. It was exactly what I was looking for. What a great job it does. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


A very satisfied customer,


John H, NY

It is the best tool I have ever bought. It exceeded expectations. I pulled over 200 buckthorns in 2 days, an amazing product. Keep up the good work.


G Backer

Burnsville, MN

After using Weedwrenches and Pullerbears for several years, I recently bought an Extractigator. You folks have achieved the best balance of function and weight.  I spend several hours nearly every day removing Ligustrum, Chinaberry, and Nandina from Austin area parks and preserves, and the Extractigator does a better job than its competitors.  Thanks!

J. Levenson

Austin, Texas

Dear Shawn

I just received my extractigator and immediately tried it out. In about 10 minutes i pulled 22 buckthorns some as large as 13 feet and 2" in diameter including this stump bothering me for some years. It was so thick i had to work to get it in the jaws.  But it came out in a few seconds. Thanks!


Rick, IL


just a quick update from the Big Island:

I've been working with your Extractigator for a week now, on a dozen or so species that we are trying to reduce on our land.

Our soil is lava/cinder, and plants are extremely deep rooted and anchored.

The tool is absolutely fantastic.

Good call to recommend the big model: in spite of it's seemingly clunky design it works beautifully even on thin stems of 1/4 inch, and it has the leverage & power to pull a 2in diameter shrub.

The dynamic of the jaws is flawless: it opens fully when lifted, it closes smoothly and tightly when the handle is pushed. i have not had a single case of jamming or any other scenario the would have slowed me down.

My project right now is reclaiming Kikuyu grass meadow; shrubs to be removed are mostly overgrown by 2ft tall grasses, entangled in the shrub - just about the most difficult condition you can imagine. It is necessary to free the base of the plant to be able to set the tool. The Extractigator is heavy-duty but manageable enough that i can untangle the plant with my left hand while holding and positioning the tool with the other -- not a second lost to putting the tool down and picking it back up, a huge bonus in saved time!

Another detail: leaning the tool forward towards the plant's stem, and then manually closing the jaw can reduce the minimum height to something like 1/2 inch.

I'm usually not the type to write lengthy comments, but i love well designed simple smart well made tools. Half the planet is struggling with plant removal, for most property owners a nightmare. Your tool can make a lot of people's lives a lot easier.

Antonio W.

Hello Folks,

I have happily used my Extractigator (junior with a Big Foot) for almost 2 years now and have been remiss in not sending along my praise for this piece of equipment. I bought it to help in our battle against the wickedly invasive Ardesia--a plant rapidly invading the woodlands of north Florida, not to mention our 2 acres. Ardesia is not a woody shrub with a great hardy stem so I was not certain that the Gator would be useful but it is The Solution. Occasionally the younger stems do snap at the base (my fault sometimes for failing to get a good grip), but a little work with a shovel to unearth enough of the root to grab hold again and the plant doesn't have a chance. Ardesia has a root system that reminds me of a squid--a healthy one--so it is important to tease it out of the ground to get all of the "legs". The Extractigator is just the instrument for this task. We are a deadly team!

So please do add Ardesia to the list of species that are successfully removed by the Extractigator. In our part of the world, removing this plant pest is important to lots of folks.

I also have to add that I enjoy looking at the "Made in Canada" label. A lot.


G. Kiltie

Gainesville FL

I would like to tell you that we have two of these, the classic size, we use one in central Texas, one in western North Carolina. Privet (ligustrums) in both places, Japanese type in one place, Chinese in the other.  Amazing how they take over. Your product has made a tough job possible, we’re very grateful to have them.  The nrcs tells us to use diesel fuel and fire along with very strong herbicides, not what we are interested in. 

We have also tried two of the other brands of weed wrench type pullers. Yours are definitely the best. the classic in this order is for one of our sons, in North Carolina, who is tired of borrowing ours and wants his own. The baby is for me, I’m getting older and arthritis in the neck and figure I will last longer with a lighter model. Mostly I only pull the smaller invasives now, anyway. 

Thanks again,

Carla,  Austin,TX

I purchased the Classic Extractigator in the Nov. 2017. Of course, I took it out the day it arrived to test it on our local problem invasive along the American River in Sacramento—Scarlett Wisteria (Sesbania punicea). Two years later I am still marveling at its design.

Marketing words on websites don’t begin to tell the story. To appreciate what the Extractigator can do, a user needs to take it in the field to feel the difference.

The Extractigator is significantly lighter than its competitors and much easier to operate. Because it’s light, I can position it with one hand, while holding willow branches out of the way with the other. Simply lifting the tool opens the jaws. That feature alone is worth buying the tool. It eliminates messing around with one foot on the base to open the jaws.  The Bigfoot fulcrum is plenty tough to set on river cobbles and right-sized to provide a solid fulcrum on soft loam and sandy soils—without carrying a 2x6 for a footing.

Until a user wades into dense river vegetation including blackberry and rose, they cannot appreciate how these features combine to make their work so much easier. With deep-rooted, older sesbania plants, these features work together to quickly re-set the jaws lower on the plant and ratchet it out of the ground.

Light weight, smart design, and self-opening jaws—this is the best product on the market, bar none.

Tom Biglione, Sacramento, CA


I purchased the Extractigator Classic four or five years ago and have used it extensively on our farm for buckthorn, honeysuckle, other invasives, and many types of saplings growing where I don’t want them. It’s an awesome tool. I just bought the Extractigator Junior for my wife—the lighter weight will make a difference.

Thank you for the great workmanship!

-Alex Wilson


With my recent purchase of the Baby Gator and the Junior, this gives me all four of your OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS! I thoroughly enjoy using each one for various sizes of invasives. These tools make short work of pulling Buckthorn with very little effort! I can't say enough good words about the HIGH QUALITY of your products and look forward to many MANY years of enjoyment using the Extractigators. I look forward to purchasing anything new you invent! Thank you for making such FINE IMPLEMENTS!

Doug Kline

I don't often take the time to write product reviews, but in the case of the Extractigator, I want to share how impressed I am. The strength of the product build is incredible, and the Extractigator functions even better than everything I read about it when I bought it a year ago. This product is ingeniously designed and absolutely delivers quality and reliability.


We have an endless number of saplings on our properties. Pulling them out, even with a substantial root growth, is now as easy as heave-ho. It actually makes pulling out saplings fun! With a tool this efficient, it's easy to see your progress out in the field. 


I rave about the Extractigator to anyone who'll listen. Truly the best at what it does.


David Houghton

The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to comment on my experience with this company. First let me say thanks! Ordered a junior. The order was processed promptly and I received the tool in a short period of time. Turns out I should have ordered the classic. Shawn went way out of his way to help me return the junior. I had already ordered the classic and would have been willing to eat the price of the junior. Many companies today that is what I would’ve had to do. Apologized for the return! He told me no worries, just wanted to make sure I had the unit that I needed! To anyone looking to purchase from this company, have no fears! You will be happy with the entire process! Side note, the reason for the return was the junior just didn’t have the leverage I needed.

Feel free to use this in your review page.



I recently ordered your Extractigator Classic, and just gave it a test drive this afternoon.

It’s really still winter here in WI, but some recent mild weather has thawed the top couple inches.  I’ve got some buckthorn thickets here out of control, hence the purchase.

I’ve just got to say this tool is amazing.  I pulled a bunch of 1” plus thorny buckthorn over a couple hours, and just awesome man.  I even pulled a few beer in hand, LOL!

I’m not one to submit product reviews, but this is now one of my favorite tools.  I highly prefer this removal method over herbicide.

Nice invention.  Cheers!

Nick Raganyi, Colgate, WI, USA

We live on 5 acres and spend many weeks cutting broom in bloom each year. Now it’s just the big coarse stuff left.

We’re not getting any younger so I Googled broom extracting tools and read up on your marvelous invention. I was lucky enough to pick up the last one at Windsor on Salt Spring island.

My husband says he’s bought many a tool over the years and has often been disappointed when they don’t live up to expectations. Well, your Classic Extractigator is already paying for itself on the first day and it makes pulling broom almost fun!  We now have a mountain of broom piled up by the fire pit.

So glad we discovered this monster of a tool.
It’s sturdy construction will last years. We’ll be telling everyone we know about it.

Salt Spring Garden Gnome

Subject: 1 Hr later




We absolutely love this tool. My neighbor has an Uprooter which I borrowed for a weekend. Your tool is superior in comparison. 


Thank you,


Dan & Diane Klemm

Dousman, Wi