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Proudly Made in Canada!

Shipped WORLD WIDE with Retailers in the USA,  Europe, Australia and New Zealand

“Simply the BEST  all-around invasive plant pulling tool!”

Invasive plants?

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Extractigator is a Registered Trademark of Exclusive Mechanical Systems Ltd Follow Extractigator on Instagram Follow Extractigator on Facebook Follow Extractigator on Twitter View Extractigator Youtube Channel

Currently we are not accepting UK orders due to Brexit issues, please contact our dealer in Europe.

Proudly Made in Canada!


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The Extractigator Classic

  “Quality without Compromise ”

The Extractigator being used to remove Scotch Broom




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$154.99 Canadian (+ S&H)



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The Extractigator Classic will remove most woody stem plants from paper thin up to 2” in diameter.  Roots-and-all.  The original product and most popular of all the models.


  Width: 4 inches
   Length: 11 1/2 inches (Jaws Closed)
   Overall Height: 48 inches
   Weight: 12.5 LBS
   Footprint: 20 sq.in. (without BigFoot Accessory)
   Jaw capacity: 2 inches
   Minimum pull ratio: 12:1 (eg. apply 10 lbs to end of handle, and 120 lbs of pulling force is applied to plant)
   Maximum pull ration: 24:1


  Solid Steel, 7018 complete welds, 3/8" high tensile Grade 8 bolts with Nylock (self locking) nuts


  Handle - High visibility safety orange tough powder coated surface.
   Base Components - Black rust resistant paint

Convenient features:

  Automatic opening clog free jaws, lightweight, comfortable foam grip, durable components, ratcheting design

I just received the Extractigator!  Buckthorn is an invasive species in Minnesota and eradication is recommended by the DNR.  But as an older woman on five acres, it has been physically impossible for me to clear as fast as it spreads!  I decided to purchase your product after looking at various options as I really need a tool to make this job easier!  I was glad to see there was no assembly, and the jaws clamp tightly on the smallest plants! Out of the  box and a quick half hour of work cleared a large area!  I was concerned about the weight, but this device is very manageable!

Connie  MN

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